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Insects: the Future of Food

“The most HORRIBLE science lesson in history!” some of 6B moaned in disgust as they plodded back from their short and sweet introduction to the future of food.

However, as the next day came round it was time for my class’s chance to sample an imminent life of eating critters - amazing protein providers. As we ambled towards the science lab, there were excited whisperings and nervous mumblings. The room echoed to, ‘Yuck!’ ’Horrible!’ and ‘Oh, that’s tasty,’ with ‘Absolutely delicious,’ or ‘Absolutely disgusting!’ I must admit, most of us did enjoy the chocolate coated crickets but we all ran for the sinks when we tried silkworm pupae!

So, to give you a flavour of eating insects here are my scores out of 10; 10 being the best: crickets 6, silkworm pupae 0, garlic grasshoppers 5, mealworms 8, leafcutter ants 10, buffalo worms 7, mopane worms 6, chocolate coated crickets 10 and finally locusts 8. So no lunch was needed that day!

Toby Moore - 6H