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Alagi visits The Grange

Alagi Bojang, The Grange School’s main facilitator in The Gambia, visited the Junior and Senior sections of the school in September. Whilst he was here, Alagi met with Mr Lambert and the rest of Team Gambia to make plans for the future of Project Gambia, and spent time visiting classrooms and talking to students of all ages about life in the Gambia and the great work that the school is involved in.

Project Gambia helps to support education in the West African country, both in terms of fundraising and the hands-on contribution made by the many groups of students who have visited over the last two decades. The support, including the building and refurbishment of schools, has helped to ensure that hundreds, if not thousands, of Gambian children have received a good education and benefited from its associated opportunities. Grange Sixth Form students, who visit The Gambia every two years, routinely report that the experience alters their perspective on life and enriches and broadens their own education.

Alagi was the recipient of the Day Cup at Prizegiving in 2015 in recognition of his contribution to The Grange and education in general. Recent fundraising events have included Gambifest and Row to The Gambia. The next Gambia trip is due to go out in the February half-term break.