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USA and Canada 2017

A group of Senior School Art and Geography students crossed the Atlantic on a Summer trip to the USA and Canada that ranged from the urban hustle of New York to the natural wonder of Niagara Falls.

In New York the students got a flavour of the pace of life in the ‘city that never sleeps’. They took in the stunning architecture of the sky scrapers and Brooklyn Bridge, they wandered along the urban garden that is the Highline, visited the Met Art Gallery and the Museum of Modern Art, and visited many of the world famous sights including Macy’s, Broadway and Times Square.

Moving on to Niagara the students had the intense experience of being aboard an open-top boat, called the Hornblower, as it sailed into the noise and spray from the falls. “The Hornblower really helped to put into perspective the size of the falls and gave us a good idea of how the processes shaped the river,” said George Oglesby.

Next came the vibrant and multicultural city of Toronto including a visit to the top of the vertigo inducing CN Tower. “Wondering round Toronto allowed me to explore interesting parts of the city and see Toronto’s true diversity and people,” commented Alex Scarr Hall.

Finally, a short journey from central Toronto lead the group to the tranquillity of Algonquin Provincial Park with its beautiful forests and lakes where the students had the opportunity to finish this amazing trip at one with nature as they canoed on one of the many lakes.