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Sixth Formers go to Conference

The Conservative Party conference pitched up in Manchester in early October providing a perfect opportunity for our Upper Sixth A-level Politics students to get a taste for the hurly burley of the political circus.

The busy and intense atmosphere captivated our enthusiasm for the day’s speeches from figures such as Minister of State for Justice, David Lidington and the Secretary of State for International Trade, Liam Fox. Impressive speeches were heard from the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd and, as a pleasant surprise the adventurer, Bear Grylls made a passionate appeal for government financial support for the Scouting movement.

In addition we also spotted political heavyweights, Philip Hammond, Jacob Rees-Mogg and the long anticipated Boris Johnson, all being ushered through the crowds of reporters and the Tory Party faithful. The reporters paid particular interest in us due to our youth with Conor Holland and Alice Baldwin being interviewed and appearing on Northwest Tonight. A busy and fascinating day which put the study of British politics into context during these uncertain times.

Rory Ewing – U6th PGL