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Maths Inspiration Trip

The L6 Mathematicians spent the afternoon of Thursday 9th November at Maths Inspiration Manchester, finding out how maths turns up in some unexpected places.

The first lecture held by John Roberts gave us an insight into how maths is found in all aspects of the real world, including rollercoasters. We learnt about how the London Eye was built, which John Roberts was involved in, and a Top Gear stunt which was explained to us.

Ben Sparks, the next speaker, told us all about probability and even a little of how to win at poker. Including a few tricks, he made the lecture fun to listen to and enjoyable to learn the maths behind it all. He finished the talk with a song that linked it all together.

Finally, Colin Wright amazed us with his insane juggling skills. After showing us the patterns behind all of his moves he showed us how he could create new ones using a formula he created. As well as being very interesting, it also taught us something that no one knew about.

Jack Waller and Hayden Tang