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Wellbeing and Resilience Day

Gemma Fieldsend, an expert in mental health from the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, came to The Grange on the 25th of January to talk to each year group as part of the school’s PSHE Wellbeing and Resilience Day.

Gemma focussed on questions such as: What is resilience? What is mental health? And how can I maintain good mental health? A particular theme was that of the importance of sleep, both for maintaining wellbeing but also for improving academic performance. She talked about strategies that young people can use to help them focus on positive things rather than the negative things that happen in our daily lives.

Gemma’s visit signals the start of ‘Wellfest’, a week in which students benefit from a wide range of activities promoting good mental health and many opportunities to consider how to maintain their own wellbeing.