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Acts of Kindness at Wellfest

Wellfest, the school’s week-long festival of wellbeing and mental health, took place in the last week of January and focused on the five ways to wellbeing - one for each day of the week.

On Monday we looked at how beneficial it is to our own mental health to practise generosity and kindness towards others. At lunchtime, students took part in the Giving Challenge in which they were encouraged to carry out small acts of kindness.

Tuesday began with a special assembly led by our Sixth Form Peer Supporters. At lunchtime there was a lovely atmosphere in the Sports Hall as students and staff circulated around stalls learning new skills.

Wednesday was a chance to remember to connect with others and invest in our relationships, particularly through the buddy system.

Thursday focused on being ‘present’ in the moment and included workshops on mindfulness meditation and yoga. Mentor time on Thursday provided an opportunity for students to explore in more detail the previous week’s talk given by Gemma Fieldsend and develop individual strategies to develop wellbeing.

On Friday, the week ended with a lunchtime disco and an emphasis on the importance of activity and exercise in our wellbeing.