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Head’s Award Presentation Evening 2018

Year 8 and 9 pupils illuminated a plethora of topics during another impressive Head’s Award Presentation Evening. The programme gives Year 8 and 9 pupils a chance to explore in detail an area of special personal interest. Pupils apply to take part, and this year ten successfully completed the process.

With the help and guidance of a staff and Lower Sixth mentors, pupils are encouraged to use their own research to produce either a written project, physical artefact, or piece of creative work. The pupils present this work to an audience of staff, family and friends, who are then invited to ask questions about their findings and the process itself.

This year we were treated to presentations on a thoroughly eclectic range of themes including ‘The Risk of Brain Injury in Sport’ (Ed Dobbs); ‘The Development of Artificial Intelligence and Emotional Machines’ (Sam Snelgrove); Rebecca Stanton examined (through live performance!) the complex and fascinating link between ‘Music and Emotion’; Annabel Clancy rounded off the evening in great style with ‘Broadening Communication Skills’: an exploration of how the Makaton language system can do just that!

“What an amazing group of students. To see such a diversity of topics and presented in differing creative styles was just brilliant. I am very proud of all their achievements,” said Mrs Leonard, Head of School.