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GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition

Duration: 2 years
Examination Board: AQA

Food is very much a hot topic and this exciting new GCSE will help develop a genuine lifeskill to enhance health and wellbeing. Students will explore topics such as nutrition, food science, food around the world, and British
cuisine. Throughout this creative course an array of dishes will be made, enabling students to master a high level of culinary skills, including learning the difference between a jus, choux and a roux!

As part of the assessment students will plan and cook a 3 course menu. Cook up a storm and showcase culinary creativity! Students may choose to make a street food menu or create delicious tapas dishes. Chefs around the
country have praised this new GCSE, saying, “It’s anchored in the world of real food and real cooking”. Be the next Masterchef!