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Applications & Admissions

When is the open day?

We have a number of open events in the Autumn Term for the Junior, Senior and Sixth Form. for further information and to reguister  to attend an open event please click here.

How many pupils are there in school?

Junior = 450 (approx)

Senior = 550 (approx)

6th Form = 200 (approx)

Do you have taster days?

Please click here for more information about our taster days.

How do I make an application for my child to apply to join The Grange?

Please click here for more information about joining The Grange.

What are the entry requirements to join The Grange?

Please visit the 'Our policies' page on our website to find out about our admissions policy.

When is the entrance examination/Reception Assessment?

Please click here to find out more about joining our Reception.

How much are the fees per term?

Please click here for more information about our fees.

Do you take pupils from overseas?

Applications are welcomed from pupils currently overseas, who may be relocating to Cheshire with their parents/guardians'. Please ring the appropriate school office to discuss such an application.

Can my child sit the entrance assessment overseas?<

Arrangements can be made for papers to be taken under the auspices of the pupil's current school (subject to certain assurances having been received). Please ring the appropriate school office to discuss such an application.

Does the school take pupils with special needs?

The School has Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators who keep teaching staff up-to-date on SEN pupils and their needs. They create Individual Education Plans as required. Their advice is thorough and invaluable.

All staff are required to have knowledge of all SEN pupils whom they teach and to implement agreed policies to support their learning. In addition there is a register of Gifted and Talented students which staff/Heads of Departments update regularly and all departments are required to meet the needs of these pupils.

Do you take pupils into Years 8, 9, 10 and the Sixth Form?

Applications are also considered for those pupils wishing to enter in Years 8 to 10. Please contact Admissions for further information.

What are the entry requirements to join the Sixth Form?

Students should secure Grade A or A* in the four or five subjects to be studied at A level; Where the subject is not offered at GCSE (e.g. philosophy), we would expect to see evidence of Grade A or A* in related subjects. These results should be accompanied with all other GCSEs at Grade B or above which should include English and Mathematics.

How many pupils are in each class?

In the Junior school there are approximately 20 children per class in Reception & Year 1 and 2. In Year 3 to 6 there are 24.

In the Senior School there are 25 in each form in Years 7 to 11.

At GCSE and A Level class sizes can vary depending on the chosen subjects, on average at GCSE class sizes are less than 20 pupils and at A Level less than 12.

What are the schools' term dates?

Please click here to see our term dates.