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From Prep to the Podium

Rowing starts in Year 6 at the prep school where youngsters learn to row and compete on indoor rowing machines, this continues in Year 7 at the senior school and in Year 8 we start a selection process for pupils who wish to take up the sport on water. When pupils reach the Sixth Form, they all have the opportunity to take a coaching award and are then encouraged to help develop our new starters.

 J14 - Why not try something new?

During the Summer term we carry out a series of trials to select 10 boys and 10 girls from the 2nd year. Most have never done it before, and so we focus on carefully acquiring the essential skills and watermanship, always with the emphasis on enjoyment. Those that row for both terms will become more competitive and venture to some summer regattas, but there are also friendly events for all. British Rowing stipulates that all J14 rowers must do sculling, because it is more symmetrical and more skilful, therefore we concentrate on quad and octuple sculling in the early weeks, and then have expand to include double and single sculls in the summer.

J15 - Consolidation

Rowing in the 4th year involves making competitive transitions. There is a shift in philosophy too. We gradually introduce the idea of training to race, still allowing the pupils time to take part in all of The Grange School’s other activities. To be truly competitive, we advise pupils to row for two terms out of three.

J16 to J18 - The top of the pile

Continuity is vital to the success of the Rowing Club. To row in a fast and competitive boat is an unforgettable experience, and likely to be the start of life-long friendships. As rowers enter the examination years, they need to have some faith that rowing provides a perfect stress-reliever and helps motivate pupils to be organised. Although we seek a higher level of success in the senior years, we do not train at the expense of everything else. We offer flexible programmes to suit the individual, even if they are part of a crew. There are expectations but there are also rewards on offer; perhaps a tankard, a medal at the National Schools’ Regatta, or even an appearance at Henley or Women's Henley. Those that don’t quite have the same competitive ‘bug’ and are seeking a way of exercising between revision periods will still receive the same welcome at the river and could even turn their hand to coaching!

Old Roburians

Many Grange School rowers go on to row at clubs or universities after school and see us at events around the country. Grange Rowing has a truly supportive and active network of parents and Old Roburians. There are social occasions, information networks, and a Committee set up to support the Club. Past Grange rowers include internationals, university captains and generations of men and women who have simply stayed involved in the sport for pleasure.