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Race Diary

Rowing events and regattas for 2018:

Spring Term

21st Jan (Sunday) NRC private time-trial
26th Jan Quiz night, Sports Hall
3rd Feb Hampton Head (TBC)
16th – 23rd Feb Half term
17th – 18th Feb GB trials Boston (Half term)
4th March (Sun!) JIRR time-trial, Northwich
12th March Schools Head, London
13th March The Scullery, Eton, Dorney
17th March North of England Head, Chester
1st April (Easter Sunday) Northwich Head
7th -12th April Training Camp, Italy
29th March – 16th April Easter Break

Summer Term

21st April JIRR Finals , Nottingham
12th May Shrewsbury
Date – TBC Lancaster
25th May (Friday) National Schools Regatta, Eton Dorney
26th – 27th May National Schools Regatta, Eton Dorney
28th May (TBC) Northwich Regatta
25th May – 1st June Half term
9th June Bridgnorth Regatta
23rd June Marlow Regatta
22nd – 24th June Henley Women’s
29th June Henley Qualifiers
1st July (TBC) Club BBQ
1st July GB Anglo French J16 trials, Nottingham
7th July Runcorn Regatta (TBC)
4th – 8th July Henley Royal Regatta
6th July Term Ends