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Academic Programme

To the extent that The Grange provides a curriculum to challenge the brightest pupil and also produces results that bear comparison with any school in the country, we are an academic school. Scholarship, the acquisition and analysis of knowledge, the development of an armoury of intellectual skills and a positive attitude to learning are at the heart of our ethos and success. These are set firmly in the context of the challenge to each individual to produce the best of which he or she is capable, at all times.

That academic success, however, is not won by sacrificing either the enjoyment of the process of learning, or a richer experience of education; the academic results the pupils have produced are only possible because of those two vital elements. While pupils are expected to work hard, The Grange is no academic sweatshop (as, we hope, so much of the rest of this website shows). The fact that GCSE and A-Level choices allow pupils so much freedom to play to their strengths and study the subjects they enjoy reinforces the process of producing fully-rounded individuals.

From the earliest days in Reception through to the Sixth Form, we attempt to instill good habits of learning, appropriate rigour and a joy in discovering the world around. Seeking to ally the very best of traditional methods of teaching with knowledge of exciting recent developments in our understanding of pupils’ learning styles and needs, we are seeking to develop a truly modern education that still preserves what is of value from the past. Increasingly, new technology is playing a central role in this process.

However, at the heart of teaching and learning at The Grange is the outstanding, mutually respectful and constructive relationship between pupils and teachers. It is that, above all, which inspires our pupils to learn, and our staff to go so often beyond the call of duty to ensure young people at all stages do their best.