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Liberal Arts

All students (with the exception of those taking 4 A Levels) will also take a Liberal Arts course for one double period a week during the Lower Sixth year.

Academically rigorous and intellectually stimulating, the courses are free from the constraints of examination specifications and will cover subject areas that cross the traditional boundaries of academic departments.

At the start of the Lower Sixth, each student will select two of these courses which run for half a year and highlight a real strength of The Grange, namely the diverse range of academic qualifications that teaching staff possess.

Our Liberal Arts programme encompasses families of subjects (e.g. Foundations, Sciences, Creative) within which a variety of stimulating and topical courses will run, all of which will explore university-level content and deliberately cross subject boundaries. Our hope is that these sessions may provide
a spark of inspiration for many as they plan their future in Higher Education and beyond. Liberal Arts courses are increasingly popular in the most prestigious universities in both Europe and the United States and leading graduate employers are keen to look for the skills that they develop.