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Meet the Senior School Team

Mrs Debbie Leonard
MEd Birmingham

“It is my very great pleasure to introduce you to The Grange through our website.

I hope what you see, watch and read will communicate clearly much of the vibrant, happy and friendly atmosphere of the school.”

Deputy Head
Mr R Oakes
BA Edge Hill University


Deputy Head
Mr A Crook
MA MA.Phil Oxford


Director of Finance and Operations
Debbie Torjussen

Assistant Head
Heather Eaton


Assistant Head
Sixth Form
Jamie Walker

Art & Technology

Mr D Kereszteny-Lewis, BA Manchester, (Director of Art and Design and Head of Art)

Miss B Picken, BA Loughborough

Miss A Brace, BA University of Bolton

Mrs G Naish, BA Plymouth University

Mrs C Smith, BA Nottingham Trent

Mr P McAleny, BA Sheffield, (Head of Graphic Design)

Mrs N Beardsall, BA University of Central England

Mrs V Farrell, BA Liverpool John Moores, MA Edge Hill University and Chester University

Mrs J Breton, B.Ed Trinity College, Ireland (Head of Food and Nutrition)

Mrs C Moore, BSc Cardiff

Mr A Masters, BA Birmingham, (Director of E-Learning and IT)

Mr R Higgins, MSc, UCL, (Head of Computer Science)

Miss G Swift, BSc Edge Hill University


Miss J Stockton, BA Lancaster, (Head of English)

Mr H Kelly, MA Glasgow

Mrs H Chaplain, BA, MA Oxford

Mrs H Flynn, BA University of Exeter

Mrs M Kaipainen, MA Nipissing, Canada

Ms P McKeown, MA Sheffield

Mrs C Hughes, BA Oxford Brooks


Mr P Challinor, BA Liverpool, (Head of Classics)

Mrs J Costa-Veysey, BA Open University, MA University College London

Mr W D Morrison, BA Liverpool, (Head of Economics & Business Studies)

Mrs S Brunt, BA Sheffield University, MBA Keele University

Mr J Walker, BSc Salford

Mr J M Pearson, BA Keele, (Head of Geography)

Mrs B A Broderick, BSc Leeds (Head of Outdoor Pursuits)

Mrs H Eaton, MA Oxford,

Mr S Kenyon, BSc Hull

Miss S Parry, BSc Cardiff

Mr R K Robson, BA Newcastle upon Tyne, Head of History

Mr A Crook, MA M.Phil Oxford

Mr D W Jones, MA Oxford, MA London

Mrs P Allison, BA Cambridge University

Mr A Boardman, MA Durham

Mrs L Ahern, BA Leeds, MA Edge Hill, (Head of Politics)

Mrs S Hoyle, BA MMU, MA Liverpool Hope University

Miss L Davenport, MA Edinburgh

Miss L Gardiner, MA Liverpool (Head of Religious Studies and Philosophy)


Mrs C Hill, MSc Oxford, (Head of Mathematics)

Miss K Huntriss, BA Lancaster

Mr M Lambert, BSc York

Mrs F Livesey, BSc Bristol

Mr A Lumley, BSc Leeds

Miss G Lewis, BSc UMIST

Mrs J Thayer, BSc Exeter, MSc Cranfield

Mrs Riddell , BSc Warwick

Mr A Smith, BSc Salford


Mr A Milne, BSc, MSc, MI Biol, FI Biol, Manchester, (Director of Science and Head of Biology)

Mrs A Dostalova, BSc University of Wales

Mrs J Oakes, BSc Leeds

Mrs J Masters, BSc York

Mr J Taylor, BSc Leeds

Mr S Taylor (Fixed Term), BSc Liverpool John Moores

Miss A Jackson, BSc Manchester University, (Head of Chemistry)

Mrs F Dunn, BSc Leeds

Dr S Rigby, BSc, MA, PHd Queen's University Belfast

Dr S Wharton, PHD, MChem Edinburgh

Mr N Grisedale,MSc Liverpool (Head of Physics)

Mr S Petts, MA Trinity College, Oxford

Miss M Wright, MSc, University of Western Ontario

Mrs S Thornes, BSc Leeds

Mrs H Horsley, BSc Manchester

Performing Arts

Mrs J Bloor, BA Lancaster, (Director of Performing Arts and Head of Speech & Drama)

Mrs L Sunners, BA Chester

Mrs J Hardy-Kinsella, BA Sheffield

Mrs K M Tomlin, BA Chester

Mr M Greenwood, BA, MA Durham (Director of Music)

Mr B K Madden, BA Durham

Mr S Williams, BSc University of Chester (Director of Sport and Development)

Miss H R Lawson, BA SGIHE Cardiff,

Miss J Fowler, BSc Birmingham University

Mr N Cusick, BSc Sheffield Hallam

Mr N Bradshaw, BSc

Mr J Carew, Head of Rowing

Mr B King, Lead Rowing Coach

Modern Languages

Mr S Howells, BA University of Durham, (Head of French)

Mrs E Moore, BA St. Johns College, Oxford

Mrs V Kereszteny-Lewis, BA St Hilda's College, Oxford, (Head of German)

Mrs H Hackett, BA London, MSc Loughborough

Ms N Benzerfa, MA Liverpool John Moores, (Head of Spanish)

Mrs K Osorio, BA Newcastle,

Mr W Bowden, BA, MA Durham

Peripatetic Staff

Mr A J Millinchip, MA Keble College, Oxford, FRCO (CHM), ATCL (Director of Music)

Mr B K Madden, BA Durham – Cello & Piano

Mrs B Elsby BMus MMus RNCM - Cello

Mrs A Barnett, BMus, LRAM, PGDIP(RAM) – Clarinet & Saxophone

Mrs N Boardman, GRNCM

Mrs M Bushnell-Wye, ARCM, LGSM, GRSM(Hons) Clarinet – Saxophone

Mr C Gandee, ARCM, LLCM, (TD), FFLCM – Brass

Mrs L Turner, BMus, MMus, (Perf) RNCM

Mrs S Hoffman, B Mus (Hons), PGDIP (RNCM) – Flute

Mr G Hogan, BA, LRAM, LGSM, LLCM Keyboard – Piano

Ms R Holt, GMus RNCM, PPRNCM – Flute

Mrs C Hughes, GNSM, ARCM – Piano

Mr M Jackson, Graduate Diploma in Jazz & Cont Music – Guitar

Miss P MacMillan BMus, PGDipRNCM, ALCM(TD), Percussion & Drum Kit

Mrs A Powell, BMus, PGDipRNCM, PPRNCM (Oboe)

Mr S W Watkiss, CT ABRSM – Guitar

Miss S Wilkes, G Mus RNCM (Hons) – Singing

Heads of Year

Mrs F Dunn (Year 7)

Mrs L Davenport (Year 8)

Mrs H Horsley (Year 9)

Mrs H Hackett (Year 10)

Mrs H Eaton/ Mr A Lumley (Year 11) 

Mr J Walker Assistant Head (Sixth Form)

Mrs S Davenport (Assistant Head of Sixth Form)

Mr M Pearson (Assistant Head of Sixth Form)

Heads of House

Mr N Cusick (House Convener)

Mr A Boardman (Bollin House)

Mr S Kenyon (Dane House)

Mr R Robson (Gowy House)

Mr M Lambert (Weaver House)

Support Staff

Senior Support Team

Mrs D Torjussen- Director of Finance and Operations, BA Eng, ACA

Mrs L Foxley, BSc, ACA – Finance Bursar

Mr C Lupton - Head of Estates

Mr B Moore - Technical Manager

Mrs J Ward, BSc – PA to the Head and Deputy Head (Pastoral)

Mr K Seymour – Marketing Manager

Mrs H Ritchie BA -  Admissions Registrar

Mrs M Wade - Administrator to the DFO

Mr C Melia - Catering Manager

Support Team

Mr T Neilson, MA – Senior School Librarian/Marketing Assistant

Mrs J Bolton - Senior Administrator and PA to the Deputy Heads (Academic and Co-curriculum)

Mrs M Plant, MA Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, (Head of Pupil Support)

Mr J Blinkhorn - Management Information Officer

Mrs C Kenyon – Receptionist

Mrs L Hilditch– Examinations Officer

Mrs D Taylor, BSc – Financial Administrator

Mrs E Longworth, BSc – Bursar’s Assistant

Mrs M Alexander – Bursar’s Assistant

Mrs S Evans – Bursar's Assistant

Mrs L Morrin – Bursar's Assistant

Mr P Edwards, BA – Theatre Manager

Mr J Papworth – Theatre Technician

Mrs J Pennington - Design Technician

Mr D Steadman – Network Manager

Mr D Jones - Senior IT Technician

Mr J Holmes - IT Technician

Mr J Handford – Facilities Manager

Mr T Johnson – Maintenance Assistant

Mr R Johnson – Maintenance Assistant

Mr R Dewsbury – Maintenance Assistant

Mr S Chappell - Maintenance Assistant

Mr B Hardy – Maintenance Assistant

Mr R Whittaker – Sports Groundsman

Mr D Hudson – Laboratory Technician

Mr M Chadwick – Laboratory Technician

Mrs C Hancock, BSc – Laboratory Technician

Mrs A Johnson – Reprographics

Mrs C O'Rourke – Care Assistant

Mrs D Jackson – Rowing Coach

Mrs C Ayress – Language Assistant

Mrs I Simon – Language Assistant

Mrs C Rose-Wardle – Language Assistant

Mrs C Beardwood BEd – School Nurse

Mrs M McCullough, BSc – School Nurse