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The course is designed to encourage students to develop a critical understanding of organisations and the markets in which they operate. It will enable the student to be aware that business behaviour can be studied from a wide range of perspectives such as those of the employer, the employee, the government, the customer. Many of our students choose to study business-related courses at University.

The new Business A-Level from AQA
covers ten main topics.
1 What is business?
2 Managers, leadership and decision making
3 Decision making to improve marketing performance
4 Decision making to improve operational performance
5 Decision making to improve financial performance
6 Decision making to improve human resource performance
7 Analysing the strategic position of a business
8 Choosing strategic direction
9 Strategic methods: how to pursue strategies
10 Managing strategic change


There are three 2 hour exams at the end of the Upper Sixth (Business 1, 2 and 3), each of which examine all of these topics, through a range of question styles (e.g. multiple choice questions, data response, essays and a compulsory case study).
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It sits extremely well with a number of subjects especially Geography, Mathematics, Languages, IT, Art and Graphic Design. It will develop a wide range of skills all of which prospective employers find attractive, such as team working, communication and problem solving.


This is a very popular degree course which can lead to careers in banking, finance, human resources and marketing, for example.