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For French A level the AQA specification is used and is a 2 year linear course. During the course students will study aspects of French culture and life in the target language. Students will study the following topics:

Aspects of French Society:
La famille en voie de changement, La « cyber-société », Le rôle du bénévolat

Multiculturalism in French Speaking Society
Les aspects positifs d’une société diverse, Quelle vie pour les marginalisés?, Comment on traite les criminels

Political and Artistic Culture:
Une culture fière de son patrimoine, La musique francophone contemporaine, Cinéma : le septième art, Les ados, le droit de vote et l’engagement politique, Manifestations et grèves, La politique et l’immigration

Grammar is also an essential part of the course and students will also gain translation skills. Students will develop their knowledge and understanding of themes relating to the culture and society of countries where French is spoken, and their language skills. They will do this by using authentic spoken and written sources in French. The choice of works (literary texts and films) offers opportunities to link with these themes.

Literary texts and films
Students will study either one text and one film or two texts from the list below.


  • Molière Le Tartuffe
  • Voltaire Candide
  • Maupassant Boule de suif et autres contes de la guerre
  • Camus L’étranger
  • Françoise Sagan Bonjour tristesse
  • Claire Etcherelli Elise ou la vraie vie
  • Joseph Joffo Un sac de billes
  • Faïza Guène Kiffe kiffe demain
  • Philippe Grimbert Un secret
  • Delphine de Vigan No et moi

  • Au revoir les enfants
  • La Haine
  • L’auberge espagnole
  • Un long dimanche de fiançailles
  • Entre les murs
  • Les 400 coups

Individual Research Project
Students will have the opportunity to identify a subject or a key question which is of interest to them and which relates to a country or countries where French is spoken. They must select relevant information in French from a range of sources including the internet. The aim of the research project is to develop research skills. Students will demonstrate their ability to initiate and conduct individual research by analysing and summarising their findings, in order to present and discuss them in the speaking assessment. Students may choose a subject linked to one of the themes or sub-themes or to one of the works.
As an integral part of both the AS and A2 course, you will also spend time each week talking to the school’s language assistant. This will help you to improve your spoken French and give you regular practice to help you perform your best in the oral examination.

Language lessons consist of many activities: apart from reading, speaking, listening and writing using text books, you will have regular lessons in the new language laboratory, where you will use authentic material to enhance your language skills. Other authentic material such as the Internet, newspapers, magazines, films, programmes and songs will also be a fundamental part of the course. Students also have the opportunity to travel to France on the Sixth Form study visit to Paris, and attend A Level Student Film Study Workshops at the Corner House, Manchester, and at Manchester Metropolitan University.