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The Wider Community

Since 2007, the group has taken an active role in the Hartford Rose Fete, running stalls and raising money for the NSPCC.

With the help of Mrs Sunners and Mr Lambert the team had a massive turn out in 2008, all housed in a fantastic gazebo….thanks Miss Finnegan! The sun shone and the group worked fantastically hard and raised over £150 for the NSPCC.

The most exciting project so far, the group joined up with The Grange Juniors, Hartford Manor Community Primary and Hartford High School to design a mosaic. As the first project of its kind between the Hartford schools, the mosaic depicts key images from the past, present and future decided and designed by the pupils. Included in the mosaic are the words “Hartford Our Community” a message we hope will stand the test of time and signals the start of schools working together as a community.

Project Gambia was initiated in 1998 by Paul and Vanessa Buckley, staff at The Grange.

The project began when they visited the Kunte Kinteh School, a school without a base, borrowing the buildings of a primary school. Teachers came voluntarily to teach these children of the poorest families, who would receive no education otherwise.

Project Gambia found a permanent site; built two classroom blocks; sent three 40ft containers of school furniture and equipment; worked for the availability of fresh water and new sanitary facilities and a generator.

Following the completion of this project, we have worked with a primary school in the same farming community. Over the past two years visiting student groups have made bricks used to build two blocks of permanent classrooms. The group of 2013 will paint the blocks and generous sponsorship donations will buy furniture for them.

Moving forward, the opportunities to continue working in the community are being decided upon with a view to providing more facilities for teaching and learning at other struggling schools.