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Planet Grange...
Represents all that The Grange is

The attractions of our fun and energetic planet are many and varied: ranging from sporting endeavour, to music, to theatre… photography, juggling, rock climbing, amazing scientific experiments, concerts, artists and authors. The list goes on and on!

Just as important are the thoughts and the values that make the atmosphere of Planet Grange such a nourishing place for the multitude of life that resides there. Warmth and generosity of spirit; respectful as a matter of principle; straightforward; wholehearted and sensitive to the needs of others…

It is a circular ecosystem in which the atmosphere nourishes the inhabitants of the planet, and the inhabitants give back to the atmosphere through our deeds, ideals and actions.

Welcome to our world!

The Planet Grange imagery was created by Antoine Corbineau, a French designer who’s colourful and often strikingly complex works have already proved hugely popular with companies and organizations all over the world. Using a range of mediums and techniques, Antoine creates beautifully busy patchworks of texture, imagery and creative typography. His designs instantly communicate a simple key message whilst also sharing a much larger amount of information hidden within the fun and energetic worlds of his illustrations.