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Benefits to Last a Lifetime

Three good reasons to choose independent education for your child from 4 years of age…
1 …because the benefits last a lifetime

During early childhood the developing brain is at its most pliable: responsive to the influence of environment, experience and attentive caregivers, in a way that it will never be again. It is no exaggeration, therefore, to say that it is during this phase of life that our personalities, capabilities, and ability to get the most out of life, are formed.

In choosing independent education at 4+ you are creating immensely secure personal and educational foundations for your child that last a lifetime.

At The Grange, we reinforce the school’s values, through a variety of methods, throughout the time the children spend with us. By the time the children leave the Junior School at age 11, they are confident yet humble, motivated yet considerate, engaged yet self-aware, competitive yet kind.

We ensure that the children are academically challenged with strong foundations in English and Maths, with reading immensely valued, fantastic opportunities in Science, Languages, Technology and Computing, Visual and Performing Arts, and Humanities. It is no co-incidence that Grange pupil’s developed academic abilities are, on average, 2.5 years above their actual age by the time they leave the Junior School.

All of this is enriched with unparalleled opportunities outside of the classroom. Sports, music, drama, cooking, debating, gardening, chess, martial arts are just a few of the enrichment opportunities available. Residential and day trips are also an important part of the education we offer with annual trips to Plas Menai and Coniston helping to underscore our emphasis on outdoor education, and a plethora of day trips that serve to bring learning to life.

2 …because Independence means freedom to innovate

Independence brings scope for innovation, with all aspects of our provision not bound by government rules. This means that we can be nimble and thoughtful in our curriculum design. We are able to shape our environment and culture towards delivering the educational outcomes that we believe are important. We are free to put emphasis on development of values, skills and attitudes at the same time as enabling academic development that is meaningful, stretching and challenging.

One of the most important influencing factors for the development of children in early childhood is our relationships with adults. To this end, our independent status allows us to employ 90 people at the Junior School meaning there is 1 adult to 5 children. Independence also means that we are able to attract and recruit the best people and that they can be deployed in the most appropriate ways, ensuring that day to day interactions with pupils are thoughtful, caring and kind – reflecting the values of the school.

We are also able to provide a high quality physical environment with bespoke classrooms, art rooms, science labs, excellent access to technology to support both teaching and learning, abundant provision of equipment and apparatus, and copious well maintained outdoor space and facilities.

3 …because together we can achieve great things

If you choose to send your child to The Grange at age 4 you are becoming part of a collective desire for educational success.
Parents of Grange children, because they are fully engaged in their children’s education, tend to echo, and therefore amplify, the messages that we give around the importance of hard work, kindness, consideration, good manners and respect for others; they share our recognition that happy children thrive; and they are equally committed to giving the high level of positive attention required for healthy cognitive, social and emotional development for children at this age.

The high level of engagement amongst Grange parents helps to create the happy, positive and value driven culture that we are so proud of.

The Choice is yours!

As parents, the choice of school for our children at 4 years old is one of the most important decisions we make. We urge you to explore the options available to you: every school is unique and different in what they offer, and, as parents, we know better than anybody what kind of environment our children need to be in at this very special and formative stage of their development.