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Junior School Academic Programme

The journey begins in Reception where we embrace 'The Grange Way', from the moment the children walk through the Reception Doors in a morning, to the time they are picked up at the end of the day, smiling, yet exhausted.

We know children develop a love of learning if they are stimulated, challenged and often, taken just outside their comfort zone. This we strive to do in every aspect of the curriculum. In line with the Senior School, our curriculum comprises the Academic Programme (formal teaching within the timetable), the Enrichment Programme (a very wide range of activities outside the timetable) and the Personal Development Programme (drawing from the above and through our pastoral care).

Our Academic Curriculum has changed significantly over the last few years and continues to evolve. English and Maths are non-negotiable and continue to be at the forefront of our teaching, but the creative and arts curriculum has seen something of a revolution: composing, laser cutters, touch typing, philosophy, thinking skills are all providing wonderful learning experiences for children.

We have created more Leadership opportunities for the older children through School Council, House Captains, Buddies, Librarians, Playground Leaders and Sports Leaders. The breadth of sports and activities on offer is simply the biggest logistical headache we have, but it is well worth it! The Enrichment Curriculum thrives at the Junior School, and every child is encouraged to experience all that is on offer.

Through the Personal Development Programme, the Personal Social Health Education (PHSE) syllabus has been reformed this year and given more curriculum time. Working closely with external agencies, issues such as drugs awareness, ‘changing bodies', relationships, bullying and cyber -bullying (all age appropriate), are a sample of the topics children learn. This global approach to curriculum is firmly embedded in a school that views the ‘school experience' through the children's eyes, and listens to the children's ‘voice'! In doing so, it creates a relaxed, fun environment where children thrive.