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Junior School Curriculum Award

Promoting a Well-Rounded Education

The Junior School Curriculum Award is a tailored two year curriculum for children in Year 5 and 6. The school has designed and built the curriculum from the ground up, ensuring that we retain the things we do well whilst widening the scope to ensure a deliberately holistic and well-rounded education.

Thinking, Being and Doing – The Three Pillars of a Grange Education

A Grange education, from Reception to Sixth Form, is built on three pillars: Thinking, Doing and Being. The Junior School Curriculum Award ensures that all three of these pillars are built with equal strength and weight.

Thinking -

Knowledge and Understanding

Doing -

Problem-solving, Innovation, Communication, Initiative, Evaluation

Being -

Cooperation, Consideration, Perseverance, Resilience

A traditional curriculum tends to be weighted towards the Thinking strand of this triumvirate. That is not to say that concerns relating to Doing and Being are neglected entirely, but that they tend to happen co-incidentally - as a means to service the ultimate goal of Knowledge and Understanding. The Junior School Curriculum Award is an attempt to redress this balance with Doing and Being seen as ends in themselves. So, in any given project that a child may undertake there will be opportunities designed in to the curriculum for them to develop skills and abilities related to Doing (problem-solving, innovation etc.) and Being (cooperation, innovation etc.), as well as acquiring knowledge and understanding about the topic in question.


The Junior School Curriculum Award replaces the Senior School Entrance Exam. This allows us to retain a wide ranging and highly stimulating curriculum all the way through to the end of Prep 6.

When it comes to assessing the success of work that a child has done as part of the Junior School Curriculum Award we give equal importance to each of the three pillars – Thinking, Doing and Being. We will ask questions such as:

• Does she have command of the facts? Does she understand them? (Thinking)
• Has she shown problem-solving abilities? Has she shown an ability to communicate clearly? Has she shown initiative? (Doing)
• Has she shown resilience when confronted with setbacks? Has she shown that she can take the ideas of others on board? Has she shown that she can work well with others? (Being)

Greater Subject Balance

The Junior School Curriculum Award is focused through seven distinct subject areas (Science, Maths, English, Humanities, Languages, Computing and Design, Visual and Performing Arts). Whereas a traditional curriculum may demand focus towards Maths and English, our independent status allows us to afford equal value and resource to each area.

The Junior School Curriculum Award is deliberately designed so that knowledge acquired in one subject area is applied within others. This means that development and understanding are magnified through repeated opportunities to apply knowledge in unfamiliar contexts.

We Really Mean It!

So, when we say that we provide a well-rounded, holistic education you can rest assured that we say that having thought about the purpose of the education we provide from first principles and designed our curriculum with that approach embedded in the very fabric of what we do.