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Teaching and Learning the JSCA

Overview of the termly themes and connected nature of subjects

The programmes of learning (POLs) have been re-written for the following subjects whic form the main basis of the Junior School Curriculum Award:

• Visual and Performing Arts
• Science
• Music
• Maths
• Languages
• Humanities
• English
• Design and Computing/IT

The whole process has been undertaken collaboratively by subject leaders and the Year 6 team as well as the Director of eLearning.

Each programme of learning is split into three parts – one for each term of the year. In addition to this, themes have been established for each term, specifically:

Autumn term: The Past - Britain in the last 200 years
Spring term: The Present - Local to Global: our world today
Summer term: The Future – creating the extraordinary from the ordinary

The learning objectives for each of the subjects hang around these themes and consequently, our subject leaders have interpreted that theme in their own individual way (see Individual Subject Summaries below) yet at the same time, due to the collaborative nature of the planning process, we have worked together to identify where there are opportunities to work across subjects. This is essential since we want our children to develop a love for subjects yet create recognition of the relationships between them.

subject of programmes of learning info graphic

Skills and approaches to learning and technology

However, we are not focusing on knowledge acquisition alone. We want to ensure that we make explicit the development of skills, approaches to learning and uses of mobile technology that are commensurate with a first-class 21st century education.
Therefore, in the creation of the POLs by our subject leaders we have designed these in such a way as to explicitly reference the development of specific yet generic skills, encouraged particular approaches to learning and worked collaboratively with Alex Masters, Director of eLearning, to ensure that at least 30-40% of the learning utilises mobile technology for both workflow and specialist applications.
Further to that, each student will be equipped with their own iPad, introducing them to key educational applications including Edmodo through which they can manage their workflow alongside methods of learning and recording with which they are already familiar. It is recognition that mobile technology provides another medium through which learning can be enabled.

JSCA Infographic