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Personal Development Programme & Pastoral Care

At The Grange we view personal development as much a part of our curriculum as Science, History or Latin! We recognise that the skills, attitudes and self awareness that our pupils take out into the world with them are just as important in helping them to truly flourish and be happy as their academic knowledge, skills and qualifications.

Ultimately The Grange aims to encourage the development of young people who are aware of their unique combination of strengths and talents, who have discovered aspects of life and study that they are passionate about, and who are both happy and able to take responsibility for their own progress in harnessing those talents and skills in pursuit of a truly flourishing life. We also aim to shape young people who are appreciative of their good fortune in life and understand that true flourishing is most likely found in harnessing their strengths and passions for the benefit of others in the wider world.

Personal development is encouraged and enabled in a number of ways. Most importantly, the pastoral and tutorial systems, led by the class teacher in the Junior School and the form tutor in the Senior School provide a level of personalised knowledge and care that looks after and also challenges each young person. Year Heads support that work in the Senior School, and it is augmented by a Peer Support group (where older pupils offer a listening ear to younger ones), a prefect system and, where things are difficult, a school counsellor who has links with external organisations. In both parts of the school the appropriate structures are overseen by one of the Deputy Heads, both of whom have long experience.

Secondly, Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) is taught throughout both schools, including age-appropriate sessions in the Sixth Form General Studies programme. This programme deals with a variety of issues ranging from drugs and relationships education, to bullying, global inequality, staying safe, self esteem and career planning. It is our intention to expand it over coming years.

Thirdly, an expansion of PSHE is planned as part of the introduction of a consolidated personal development syllabus, along with greater time for tutors to spend time one-to-one with pupils to help them with those things they need to concentrate on within The Grange Way. This will enable our pupils to have more time and opportunity to identify the priorities necessary for effective personal development and the support to address them. This will become an increasingly central feature in our curriculum over coming years.