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Firefly – A Portal for Parent’s Pupil’s and Teachers

Firefly has many applications, but primarily will help hugely with communication within the school community, as well as giving a fresh and deeper insight into Grange life.

What can we currently do on Firefly?

View your child’s timetable
When you log into Firefly you will be taken to the dashboard which shows a list of any of your children who use the service. Clicking on the name of your child will take you to a page where you can view their timetable and a list of tasks which have been set for them.

View your child’s homework (Tasks)

By clicking on the name of your child in the dashboard and then choosing “view all tasks set for …” you can see a list of all the homework which has been set for your son or daughter as a task. Tasks will show the due date next to the title and will be highlighted if they are overdue. Should you prefer, it is possible to sort the tasks by the date they are due or by the date they were set.

Tasks in Firefly can be marked as complete by either a student or a member of staff. On the right hand side of the tasks page are filters which allow you to see only tasks which have been completed, only tasks which are due or even just tasks from a specific class.

Although all teachers are recording tasks on Firefly to help students remember work that is due, not every teacher will be collecting or marking work this way as many will require students to complete work in their exercise books. In this case, the teacher may not mark the task as complete in Firefly and so we are encouraging students to take responsibility for managing their own “to-do” list by marking tasks as complete themselves when they have done them.

View marks and feedback

For some tasks your son or daughter’s teacher will collect and mark the work via Firefly. If this is the case you will be able to see the work submitted along with any marks or feedback given by the teacher. You will also be able to see the date and time the work was submitted and if it was handed in late. This feature should be operational very shortly.
For a quick guide on how to do this please visit:

How to get in touch

If you require help in any way with Firefly please don’t hesitate to contact our Firefly help team at or call our IT Helpdesk on 01606 539019. This email address will also help us to pull together a set of Frequently Asked Questions which we will then publish – along with answers – on Firefly.

Coming soon on Firefly:

View lesson resources and academic information

Over the course of the year each department is building an online repository of key resources for their subject. Some subjects will be publishing lesson by lesson guides to their subject, others will produce pages which summarise key topics or provide access to subject specific revision materials. Some of these resources will be targeted at the students (e.g. a hand-out for a lesson), but others, like revision guides and guides to the GCSE options process, could also be very useful to parents.

School calendar and key documents

We aim for you to able to see the dates of school events, fixtures and holidays along with other helpful parental information. This migration is planned for later in the school year.

View previous school letters and school trip information

Any letters sent home will be stored on Firefly and will be accessible for the remainder of the year, as will information about school trips and visits.


You should soon be able be able to view your son or daughter’s attendance details and attendance record. Parents in other schools have found this helpful and reassuring.