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What We Stand For

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest standards of education to the young people who attend The Grange School.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an educational experience which is second to none in the North of England:

  • We want this to be based on the strong culture and embedded values
  • We want to make The Grange the school of choice for families who share our values, whether they have experience of independent education or are trying it for the first time
  • We want to gain a reputation nationally for the success of our forward-looking co-educational provision

Our Aims

  • To encourage and enable all pupils to achieve the best of which they are capable academically in a way that promotes intellectual curiosity, independence of mind and creativity, and encourages a love of learning
  • To demonstrate that it values a broad education by providing pupils with the opportunities and encouragement: to develop and discover interests and talents beyond the academic curriculum; to keep fit and healthy; and to enjoy school through playing full part in its wider life
  • To ensure that its pupils will demonstrate through their words and actions that they respect and value those who they learn with and from; that they are capable of working successfully in collaboration with, and leading, others; and they are sensitive to needs other than their own 
  • To encourage pupils to appreciate their good fortune in life; to explore their place in the world and the responsibilities – local, national and global - that come with the level of privilege that they enjoy; and to develop both a sound moral framework and an appreciation of the spiritual dimension to life
  • To provide a stimulating, rewarding and supportive environment for all who are employed within the school
  • That pupils will look back at their time in the school with enjoyment, pride, gratitude and appropriate humility, and look forward to taking their place in the world armed with confidence in their own ability, the skills they need to thrive in it and a sense of responsibility to others.