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Curriculum Overview

A Grange Senior School Education is all about unleashing our students' creative minds and developing their passions and skills to aid them in their futures.

A Curriculum that Inspires

Before students make their GCSE options, we make sure they have the opportunity to try every subject, from Maths to Food & Nutrition. We understand the value in educating students through a wide and varied curriculum. It is this that lets young people discover an unknown talent they can pursue and thrive in.

Students participate in the many Enrichment opportunities we provide and they understand the importance of this as a part of their education. We also have a dedicated Student Welfare and Support Team who are here for students to help them through any challenges they face.

Educating the Whole Child

We believe in educating the whole child. When students leave us, they are fully prepared for the adult world as open-minded, confident individuals because they were given the chance to live their education at The Grange.

Explore our various departments to get a taste of what our specialist teaching staff can offer: