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Student Welfare & Support

At The Grange the wellbeing of our young people is taken very seriously and it is intrinsically linked to our values.

Support Services

We offer both academic and emotional support as part of our Pupil Support Service. We have specialist assessors and trained staff who are available to help identify specific difficulties and ascertain the best way to support students.

If we do identify any difficulties, we support students through small groups and 1:1 tutorials. We try hard to dispel the myth that those with specific difficulties such as dyslexia are less able.

Alongside a strong pastoral system, we also provide an in-house counselling service with qualified psychotherapists. With a dedicated space in the school, our welcoming support area can also function as a retreat, which is especially helpful for those who sometimes need headspace.

Student Activities

We encourage all our young people to support and care for each other through living the school’s values. Over the course of the year we have various awareness events including WellFest, a week-long series of activities that focus on mental health, wellbeing and showing generosity and kindness towards others.

We have a Peer Support Group allowing students to talk to each other and at the Junior School our Buddies are always willing to help a fellow child if they need a friend. We also hold yoga and mindfulness sessions for students.