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High standards of appearance are part of the culture at The Grange School, it reflects our values as a school to be respectful and wholehearted – being committed to all aspects of school life.

It also reinforces and supports our high standards of behaviour that help make for a calming learning environment.

As well as for individual comfort, practicality and smartness of appearance, our uniform is designed to provide clothing options that are suitable for the seasonal changes we experience in the UK; so we have a winter and a summer uniform.

Once students reach the Sixth Form, they are given more independence to choose what they wear, but there are still guidelines to ensure they look smart and uniform.

Where to Buy Uniform?

All of our Grange uniforms can be bought through Schoolblazer.

Our Parents’ Association (GSPA) also manage the collecting and selling of second-hand uniform which is a popular approach by many. Uniform is donated when no longer needed and sold every term as well as at our Christmas Fair and Summer Fete.


School Blazer FAQs

Junior School Uniform (2023)

Senior School Uniform (2023)

Sixth Form Dress Code (2023)

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