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“Outstanding” Blithe Spirit Scoops Awards

The school’s production of Blithe Spirit did fantastically well at the Cheshire Theatre Guild Awards.

Lizzie Blakeman won the award for Most Promising Youngster (Female) for her performance as Ruth Condomine; Hadyn Cawley won Most Promising Youngster (Male) for his portrayal of Madam Arcati; and the school was also awarded The Adjudicator’s Award for outstanding work.

In awarding Lizzie Blakeman her Most Promising Youngster accolade, the adjudicator commented: “Lizzie Blakeman's Ruth was utterly convincing… Elegant rather than matronly, Lizzies's characterisation throughout was secure. Movements were fluid, vocal delivery was excellent and facial expressions were perfect, especially her timing and reactions to the crosstalk between Charles and Elvira…”

On the performance of Hadyn Cawley, the judges said: “That the audience was on his side from the beginning, and especially during the séance scene, betrays a rare gift: to be able to instantly connect with an audience. Cherish it, use it, develop it, embrace it. There's only one word to sum up this performance. Exceptional.”

Special mention should also be made for Jamie Banks who was also nominated for Most Promising Youngster (Male) for his performance as Charles Condomine: “This was a tremendous performance from a supremely talented young actor,” said the adjudicators.

Finally, in awarding The Adjudicators Award they said: “This was theatre of the highest order - I would have happily paid to see this on the professional stage. That the cast and crew were 17 and 18 years old is all the more remarkable. Outstanding.”