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Ethos and Culture

Our Ethos

The School’s ethos is built around the complementary concepts of personal challenge and personal care.

Each individual is challenged to work hard to fulfil his or her potential in academic studies, in the expected involvement in extracurricular activity and in relationships with all members of the school community. Each individual is also offered support, encouragement and monitoring they need to achieve this. Independent thought and critical thinking are also valued, while both effort and achievement are rewarded.

Expectations of behaviour, manners and treatment of both people and property are high. Honesty, integrity and responsibility are both expected and promoted, as is the wholehearted commitment to school life that so characterises the approach of its staff. There is plenty of opportunity for well regulated competition, but the school also encourages pupils to be supportive of, and to take pride in the achievements of, others.

The School’s religious ethos is Christian, in accordance with its foundation, but we welcome those of all denominations and faiths – and those with none - provided that this ethos is respected.

Our Values

At The Grange we take pride in the quality of relationships between all those within our community which are based on our values:


  • Curious - eager to learn and discover new things
  • Innovative - always questioning and introducing new ideas
  • Positive - aiming to be happy and wholehearted in all areas of school life


  • Adventurous - seizing opportunities and embracing challenge
  • Ambitious - aspiring to be the best version of ourselves possible
  • Resilient - having the ability to recover quickly from setbacks


  • Caring - being kind and sensitive to the needs of all
  • Understanding - understanding the feelings of others
  • Forgiving - letting things go and giving everyone a second chance


  • Respectful - embracing difference and valuing all others and yourself
  • Truthful - demonstrating honesty and integrity in all that we do
  • Inclusive -  ensuring everyone feels welcome, valued and respected and comfortable being themselves