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All of our food is fresh and made on site by our catering team. They take great pride in their work and the menu provides real variety week-to-week with mouth-watering dishes and cuisines from around the world. Key to our menu is providing options that encourage a healthy balanced diet, there’s no shortage of fruit and vegetables!

We are fully compliant with the new Government Nutritional Standard. Our catering team are committed to providing the highest standards, produced by using exemplary methods of food hygiene and safety, and delivered in a caring, patient fashion.

We are also experienced in catering for special dietary requirements.

Government Nutritional Standards

Junior School Catering

We're pleased to report that our menus also comply with the even stricter demands of the children! The menu is balanced with a number of new exciting recipes and the firm traditional favourites whilst pizza and sausages still remain popular these dishes are only served as an occasional treat. Themed events, such as ‘Fruity Friday' (where we serve a selection of fresh and exotic fruit) are a good way to find out what is popular and encourage children to try something new.

Senior and Sixth Form Catering

Pupils can bring a packed lunch from home if they wish, though the majority continue to make the most of what the school provides. From 7.30am to 8.30am each morning breakfast is available at The Senior School canteen.

Every lunchtime there is a choice of at least three hot meals, including one vegetarian option. This is supplemented by a very popular Pasta Bar, a well-stocked Salad Bar, jacket potatoes and a selection of sandwiches and rolls. Fresh fruit is always on the menu and our food is well-balanced and nutritious.

The Sixth Form Centre has its own catering area; in a more adult café-style it offers a variety of options for students throughout the day. Sixth Form students are also able to bring their own food or leave the site and head into the village of Hartford to satisfy their appetites if they wish to.

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