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Junior School Education

The purpose of the education we offer at The Grange Junior School is to prepare our children for life, as well as the next stage of their education.

Young people learn from everything that they experience in school: from their studies, their involvement in activities outside the classroom, their interests and hobbies, their relationships with their peers and their teachers, their successes and (often more helpfully) their mistakes.


Consequently, our first priority is to provide a caring atmosphere in which the children can thrive and learn. This requires staff that welcome and understand each and every child, giving them – and their parents – the attention that they deserve. This allows us to help them successfully navigate their way through the inevitable difficulties of growing up and life in general. Happy children will learn.


Having created a conducive atmosphere for learning, we then offer a programme that is designed from Reception to Year 6 to be both broad and flexible, enabling all children to benefit from a full, balanced education. It allows them to develop particular academic interests and passions as well as ensuring that they attain at the highest level of which they are capable. With a focus on staff development, excellent class sizes, a teaching staff: child ratio of 1: 12 and modern, well-equipped teaching facilities, it is no surprise that our children consistently attain beyond expectation and make exceptional progress.


The third element of our curriculum is founded on enriching the lives of each child within our community. We enable them to flourish as individuals; encouraging children to pursue their own interests and strengths and insisting that children treat differences between them with respect. Individual interests are promoted by offering a huge array of activities both at lunchtimes and after school. We offer leadership opportunities as well as the chance to engage in charitable events and hear from guest speakers. We also arrange numerous day trips and offer residential stays both in the UK and overseas.

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