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Roburian Alumni

Above you can see two of our Alumni, Team GB rowers Tom and Emily Ford, who recently ran a training session with our current rowers.

The latin on our logo ‘E Glande Robur’ means ‘from an acorn, an oak’. So anyone associated with the school is a Roburian.

If you are a past student of The Grange we hope you choose to stay involved with the school. As valued members of our community, we would really like to keep in touch with all Roburian Alumni. We would love to hear about your achievements and what you are currently doing.

Getting involved

We offer opportunities for our Alumni to come together annually, such as at our ‘Drinks in the City’ event in London, where Alumni meet to share stories and memories from their time as Roburians.

We also encourage our Alumni to attend our biennial Careers Convention and represent their profession through talking to our young people. There are more specific opportunities to give career talks and advice for specific subjects and professions too. We encourage our Lower Sixth students to find work placements, so if you would like to offer a work placement, please do get in touch.

Stay in touch

If you’re a Roburian Alumni, then please sign up below and we’ll make sure to stay in touch with you with regular updates.

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