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Meet the Junior Head

I am delighted to fully embrace the role of Head of The Grange Junior School having spent the past two terms as Acting Head. It has given me a flavour of how the phenomenal dedication, skill and passion of the staff facilitates a welcoming and inclusive environment allowing our students to thrive. I am excited to build on the strong foundation we have, where our children make exceptional progress in a hugely supportive and stimulating atmosphere.

A Head Start

My philosophy is that the provision of a truly excellent learning experience, starting in Reception and continuing throughout the primary years, is fundamental to creating the best possible springboard for your child’s transition into secondary education and beyond. Here at The Grange School, we believe that education is a journey of discovery, empowerment, and growth. Our commitment to nurturing young minds, fostering a love for learning, and cultivating well-rounded individuals is at the heart of everything we do.

The Perfect Environment

Our approach creates an environment rich in opportunities to explore and develop in a caring, warm, happy and modern space. We understand the profound role that parents play in their child’s journey, and it is always an honour for us to partner with you in shaping the future of your children. I encourage you to come along and experience The Grange Junior School for yourselves to see what makes this such an amazing place to learn and grow.

We look forward to welcoming you very soon.

Mr Ben Tagg
Head of The Grange Junior School

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