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Welcome to Senior School

The students at our Senior School enjoy the unique experience it offers them every day.

I am always amazed at the stunning work they produce, whether it be a piece of art work on the school walls, the latest sporting future star who has been called up to represent their country or hearing how a group has won an academic competition.

Our Curriculum is an all-embracing experience and is made up of our Academic, Enrichment and Personal Development Programmes. We believe it allows our students to experience an education that doesn’t just take place in the classroom.

The Senior School has a reputation for high standards of teaching and excellent levels of academic success. We encourage and support independent learning, thinking skills and creativity. Success in exams has placed the school firmly and consistently among the very best in the country.

Our Academic Programme is challenging and rewarding; it enables students to study a wide range of subjects preparing them for the competitive world that lies ahead. Students are expected to work hard and show commitment which results in an enthusiasm for learning. We create the opportunities for our students to develop both intellectually and personally. Our students rise to the challenge with relish and success, receiving as much help and encouragement as they need.

Please explore this part of the website to hear directly from our students and staff who can passionately share their own experiences and tell you more about our Curriculum.

Dr Lorraine Earps