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Impressive Medal Haul at AJIS Indoor Athletics

With a total of 14 medals, The Grange Junior School left the AJIS indoor athletics at Robyn Park in Wigan feeling very proud.

A 3rd place medal went to Maddie Carlick in the U11 Balance. Silver medals were won by: Tahlia Bowcock in the U11 3-Lap; the U11 Obstacle Race team consisting of Maddie Carlick, Emily Hull, Hannah Laundy and Ffion Evans; the U11 girls’ Paarlauf team of Tahlia Bowcock and Harriet Smith; Joseph Eglin and Shlok Ramakrishnan in the U10 Paarlauf and Devon Phillips-Kayes and Luke Proctor who starred in the U10 girls’ and U11 boys’ soft javelin.

Winning gold was Toby Causton in the U10 vertical jump and, new 1-Lap record holder, Joseph Eglin, who beat the previous record holder, The Grange’s James Kendall with a time of 12.07. Well done to all athletes who thoroughly enjoyed the day.