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Challenging Debate at MUN Shrewsbury

Grange pupils from Year 7 to Sixth Form played a full role in a weekend of challenging debate at the Shrewsbury Model United Nations conference.

Our delegates represented South Africa and Bolivia and, after a key note speech on the challenges of global terrorism and the role of the UN, got stuck into debate on issues such as eradicating biological weapons and sustainable development.

All the Grange delegates contributed fully to a weekend of excellent debate with Oscar Vayro and Will Smith awarded Special Mentions in the closing ceremony.

“I think we all got a lot out of the weekend, gaining confidence, researching some really interesting topics that we would not otherwise consider and of course making lots of new friends in the process. After an exhausting but very exciting weekend, irrespective of whether we won an award or not, we all left feeling we had gained so much from the conference and are now excited to bring all we learnt to the MUN club on Friday lunchtimes,” said Lower Sixth Form student, Izzy Hutt.