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What do I do if…

...I have a complaint or concern to raise with the school?

If the complaint concerns an incident or concern regarding your child, the first person to speak to is their class teacher. In most cases, the matter will be resolved straight away. If, however, it is not solved to your satisfaction within ten working days, you may refer the concern or complaint to the Head or the Headmaster of the Junior School (as appropriate), stating clearly that you are invoking the School's formal complaints procedure. A copy of this procedure is available upon request from the School office. child has lost his bag/book?

Senior School lost property can be found in the Library. If the property has been handed in - and it is named it will be returned to the owner. If not, they will be asked to fill in a Lost Property form. When the item is found it will be returned to your child via your Form Teacher. If the item is found by your child, please let the Librarian know.

Junior School lost property can be found in the Prep 1 Cloakroom in the lost property bins. Items such as watches are usually taken to the School Office.

...I am late collecting my child?

Junior School - Please contact the office by mobile phone and we will arrange for your child to wait in Reception. If you are not in a position to contact the school, your child will be brought to Reception by 3.45 pm.

...I need to get in touch with my child during the school day?<

Please contact the schools office who will relay a message for you. child is ill and cannot come into school?

On the first day of absence please telephone the school by 9.00 am to report your child's absence.

If your child has been unwell and unable to attend school, we ask parents to send a letter in to the child's Form Teacher/Junior School office informing them of the reason for the absence on the day they return to school.

If your child is going to be absent from school for more than three days, we ask parents to telephone the school office to let us know what the problem is. child needs to be picked up from school late?

Junior School children would need to be booked in to Sundowners. A drop in session can only be booked on the day. Places are limited to 5 drop in places per night. child has a medical or dental appointment?

If your child has to leave the school premises for any reason they should inform their Form Teacher at morning registration by showing a letter from their parents. They should also inform any subject teacher whose lesson they will be missing. At the time your child has to leave for the appointment, they should go to the office in reception and show their letter to the secretary and wait in the foyer to be collected.