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Joining at Age 4

The journey begins here!

Classrooms in The Grange Reception and KS1 burst with life as children engage in the many and varied activities designed to stimulate their young minds.

They may be listening to stories or beginning to learn the joy of personal reading; coaxing the first real musical sounds from an ocarina; investigating how caterpillars transform into butterflies, or simply enjoying the pleasure that can come with discovering numbers and getting things right! Outside, the play equipment fires young imaginations, games are learned, and friendships developed.

All of the wonderful experiences children can enjoy at The Grange Reception combine to provide a warm, lively and happy environment in which our youngest pupils take their first and most crucial learning steps.

Reception provides the structure and direction young children need to make the most of work and play, as well as the freedom they need to learn at their own pace. Great emphasis is placed on developing social skills and respectful relationships; politeness and good manners are valued. Underpinning all of these are the close and warm relationships between teaching staff, pupils and parents.

Entry at age 4

Our major intake is at age 4+, where we take three classes of ‘rising fives' into our Reception, most of whom have attended local nurseries or similar pre-school provision.

Demand for places in Reception are high and entry is based on performance in a series of assessments. Places are offered to children who demonstrate evidence that they will thrive within the stimulating atmosphere and expectations of the Junior School.

Joining at Other Stages

Vacancies do arise from time to time for places in other year groups in both the Junior and Senior School. Please contact Admissions for more information.